Grip Challenge Event Rules

EVENT #1: “Rolling Thunder” Lift for Reps
Lifters will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps to full lockout as possible. Lifter may switch hands during the time limit. Judge will give a “GO” command for the athlete to begin each rep, and a “DOWN” command to signify each good rep.

Weights: Juniors 50lbs; Women 75lbs; Men 150lbs

EVENT #2:  Plate Pinch Hold for Time
Lifter will grip onto two plates in each hand, smooth-sides-out, and stand up, holding them for as long as possible. Time begins when all plates have left the ground and times ends when a plate either drops from the lifter's hand or if they set the plates back down.

Weights: Juniors 2x10lbs; Women 2x10lbs; Men 2x25lbs

EVENT #3:  Bull Ring Hub Lift
Lifter will grip the implement by the hub and lift it to lockout. At lockout, the judge will call "GOOD LIFT" and the lifter must return it to the ground without dropping it. Each lifter will get 4 attempts.

Weights: 1x25lbs; 2x10lbs; 2x5lbs; 2x2.5lbs; 2x1.25lbs